Kat Kinnick sat down with Amie Tullius for her podcast and recorded this wonderful interview.


"This week I’m sharing a conversation with artist Kat Kinnick.


Kat Kinnick is bright, bright, bright. She’s spilling over with beauty and wonder. In the interview you’ll hear her lovely generosity of spirit and sparkling curiosity; it’s truly a delight to be around her. Here we talk about how to listen to the natural world, and how that kind of listening is a kind of creative practice in itself. We explore the depths of tenderness, until tenderness opens into something fierce, mysterious. Punk, even."


Listen to the conversation here

“The animals look at you, you are seen by them, and they ask you to, likewise, see them. The world is asking for you to listen, and each of our wild, timeless souls inside of us are asking us to listen.”

See Kat's work here 



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