From the heart-warming stories of his childhood where comic books and cartoons sparked his artistic imagination, to his transformation into a prolific artist skilled in diverse forms – oil painting, printmaking, enamels, muralism, and graphics – we invite you to join us in a captivating conversation with the remarkable Native American artist, Daniel McCoy, Jr.. A proud citizen of the Potawatomi and Muscogee Creek Nation, Daniel effortlessly fuses storytelling and humor with his native heritage to produce exceptional works of art. Marvel at his unique approach as he reveals how he uses his art to chart a personal timeline, integrating his experiences, ancestral language, and culture into his creative expression.


Journeying through his triumphs and challenges in the art world, Daniel opens up about his aspirations for the future and the significance of maintaining versatility in his craft. One of the striking highlights of this episode is him discussing the creation of his representation of Chitto Harjo, the Robin Hood of his tribe, and the impact of the pandemic on his artistic process. With renewed vigor, Daniel shares how he has turned to the ancestral land of his family for inspiration in these uncertain times.


Digging deeper into the fabric of his family, Daniel brings to light their creative pursuits and how he envisions mentoring his kids. From a son who is a blooming street artist to another who is in training to be an opera singer, Daniel’s family is indeed a haven of raw talent. As moments of laughter fill the room, he speaks about his yearning to collaborate more with his son on a comic book. Ending on a powerful note, Daniel underscores the importance of staying true to oneself, resisting the allure of fame and fortune, and finding satisfaction in the journey of creation. Be prepared to be swept off your feet in this episode that beautifully intertwines art, culture, family, and the journey of an artist.


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