Even if blue isn’t your favorite color, there’s a decent chance that you’ve been in an intimate relationship with the shade. That’s because we’ve been forced to embrace the hue’s forlorn connotations over the past year and a half. But blue also represents jovial qualities of human existence, ranging from calm and serenity to imagination and sincerity.


Thais Mather’s current exhibition at form & concept in Santa Fe considers the wide-ranging psychological qualities of the primary color blue across disparate bodies of work, including installation work, drawings, holograms, and watercolors. The exhibition’s throughline of the color blue—approached from different angles, moods, shades of light and dark, and wide-ranging media—isn’t necessarily evident until after multiple views and time spent with the artist statement by the Santa Fe-based Mather, who owns and operates Good Folk gallery with her husband Todd Ryan White. 


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