Susan Elnora Armstrong is drawn to imagery that reflects a connection to spirit, awareness, curiosity, and playfulness. Her work explores the idea that, beyond the role of adornment, jewelry can act as a visual and tactile manifestation of memories, dreams and intentions. Jewelry can serve as a powerful symbol of personal mythos, as well as a reminder to cultivate presence and openness. Susan's work, while often stirring unique individual associations, also tends to point to our essential connectedness and a certain shared experience of the world.


All pieces are initially hand fabricated by Susan from sterling silver or gold. Most shapes are sawed out, then refined with tiny files, and the pieces are forged, assembled and soldered together. She often textures and oxidizes her work to bring out its delicate details and sculptural dimensionality. A supporter of conscious sustainability, Susan uses recycled metals and responsibly sourced gems.


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129 W Palace Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501
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