Ben Muñoz and Sergio Sanchez Santamaria are featured in the great article on collaborative printmaking by Southwest Contemporary!




Printmaking is an expensive endeavor. Etching and litho presses sold by Takach, a press-making company in Albuquerque, sell for anywhere from $6,000 minimum to about $30,000. The press at La Trampa, back in Mexico City, would have cost Alva an arm and a leg in 2009, and maybe even his soul, had a printmaker-turned-painter friend of Alva’s from La Esmeralda not lent it to him. “Hopefully forever,” says Alva. The friend had won it in a printmaking contest, but the less said about it, Alva tells me, the better (in case the friend ever wants it back).


Then come all the other costs, says Muñoz: drying racks, large tables, a good ventilation system, and most importantly, space, and lots of it, because you can’t move your heavy printmaking equipment at will.


Printmaking is, at its core, a medium that requires collaboration. “Collectively, we were able to put it all together,” says Muñoz. None of his colleagues, and neither Muñoz, could have done this on their own.


Read the full article here.



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