At first glance, Kat Kinnick's nature-based artwork is colorful and playful. Taking a closer look, the viewer will see narratives that have elements of beauty, tragedy, humor, and contemplation. Using flora and fana, as vessels, Kinnick connects to the world at large. She is inspired by stories, the ecology of her home state of New Mexico and her personal experiences.


As a multi-disciplinary artist who paints, sculpt, and does print work, she calls from a variety of techniques and styles. Many of the works, have a folk aesthetic, but Kinnick also turns to classical realism to add detail and refinement to every creation. “I really like working with realism and studying it,“ she says. “I’ll have an image of an animal on screen and get into a flow state. But the details are important: the color of the fur, the silhouette. There are elements of abstraction in the shadows. Some might you might not see from far away, but you notice it when you’re close. There are playful gestures, and that’s inspiring too.”


Excerpt from Southwest Art



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