In the 2020 edition of Zona MACO, which took place from February 5 to 9 at the CitiBanamex Center, we interview the artist Alfonso Barrera Muñiz, who founded the independent printing company Polvoh Press in Oaxaca together with Mirel Fraga Quiróz. This was what he told us about his artistic career, as well as his experience in this great event.


VR: Tell me about your career in the artistic world… how did you start, what kind of works did you do at the beginning, and how did you get to the graphic editorial work that you brought to Zona Maco? 


AB: Well, I started when I was very young, I was always attracted to drawing. Also, because my grandfather was a painter and was familiar with art techniques. 


VR: What is your grandfather's name? 


AB: José Cornelio Muñiz. Let's say that he did it as a hobby because he repaired machines and only dedicated himself to painting on Sundays. With this, I had a first approach to painting and drawing. At some point, I went to the Academia de San Carlos to draw and take continuing education courses, and I attended for four years. There, I fell more in love with painting and drawing. Later, I moved to Oaxaca and got into graphic workshops, I started doing it because I was not familiar with printing techniques. And, after that, I started to promote my work as an artist, and that's how I started with the books. Actually, too, because I won a state scholarship in Oaxaca to do an exhibition project.


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